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They've Got Their Eyes On You

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New member [Jun. 25th, 2010|11:13 am]
They've Got Their Eyes On You


Hi, I just joined the community today. I have two sighthounds who I love dearly - a retired greyhound from Arizona Adopt a Greyhound, Inc. in Phoenix, Gunner and an Italian Greyhound, Icarus. They have completely different personalities and really compliment each other. I haven't had either very long although I've owned sighthounds most of my life.

Kind of large picture under the cut...

Icky, the IG, had to have his toe on his left front paw amputated on Tuesday. As far as we can tell, it was previously broken and because of a small bone splint at the very tip of his toe was pretty badly infected. He was found running around as a stray in Douglas, Arizona right on the Mexico border with three other dogs. I adopted him from the shelter down there. He has burns (probably from pavement) on every pad of his foot, and his testicles! He can't be neutered until his foot is done healing. Most of the time he has no idea that he's injured at all. All the big dogs in the house are pretty intimidated by him, especially when he has food. :)

But since Icky's not healing as fast as he should be, and his lymph nodes are still swollen we did a Valley Fever test today at the vet clinic. It's pretty common where I live, but hopefully it's negative. Although it would be a "simple" answer to why his lymph nodes are still so swollen.

Both of my dogs are fed raw and are doing great on it. Gunner had some difficulty at first, but he's getting the whole chewing thing down finally.

Anyway, I look forward to participating in the community and enjoying all the other sighthounds here!

[User Picture]From: gurf
2010-06-25 07:45 pm (UTC)
I hope Icky feels better soon!
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