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They've Got Their Eyes On You

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anyone out there? [May. 1st, 2013|11:34 am]
They've Got Their Eyes On You

wow, no posts since 2011? Such a shame LJ has gotten so empty lately. :(
Anyway, just a post to brag that we (partner and I) have decided to look into getting a couple of whippets; I can't wait.
I had a long talk to a breeder from Victoria Australia last night andit's made me even more excited.
We've got to get our back fence fixed and then bingo! ..
Anyone else own whippets here? :)
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please read and help if you can [Feb. 4th, 2011|01:26 pm]
They've Got Their Eyes On You


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my pup [Aug. 27th, 2010|10:58 pm]
They've Got Their Eyes On You

[mood |calmcalm]

So my baby dog Porter is scheduled for heart surgery on 9/15.  He will be undergoing balloon valvuloplasty.  My breeder is awesome and paying for it. 

He has a grade 4-5 of 6 murmur right now, and is shockingly asymptomatic.  Lets hope he maintains that way until he can be fixed!!!

anyway, here is a fun pic, just for cheer up reasons, and a pic of me with the boys.

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jammies? [Aug. 27th, 2010|10:52 pm]
They've Got Their Eyes On You

[mood |hopefulhopeful]

Does anyone know of any good places with jammies less than 50 dollars? I am looking for the 4 leg fleecy ones. Hopefully with whippet sizes. Thanks in advance!!
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porter james update [Aug. 7th, 2010|09:59 pm]
They've Got Their Eyes On You

[mood |ecstaticecstatic]

I just got off the phone with my breeder. She is going to pay for his surgery. All of it. I will pay for the consults (which are managable with my professional discounts.)

I am so happy! I love my breeder! Who said there were not nice people left in this world!!
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Porter James [Aug. 6th, 2010|05:15 pm]
They've Got Their Eyes On You

[mood |sadsad]

My 17 week old whippet puppy (not him in icon, thats my adult whippet) has a bad heart condition. Confirmed today by a veterinary cardiologist. He has a congenital condition called pulmanry stenosis. His valve going to his pulmonary artery is floppy- very floppy. Its fixable with surgery, 85% success rate. But the surgery is very costly (2-3 grand).... Without surgery, this condition leads to heart failure in about 5 years. Its best to fix it when little, because like children, puppies bounce back and cumulative damage stops fast and heart damage is minimal.


xposted a few places
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Advice and experiences wanted regarding Operation Wolf Hound and Borzois as service dogs [Jul. 20th, 2010|11:21 pm]
They've Got Their Eyes On You
Hello. My fiance, an Iraqi War veterin, OIF and OEF, Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom, USMC, United States Marine Corps has both major depression and PTSD, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and I am looking into an organization called Operation Wolf Hound that provides specially trained Borzois to veterins with PTSD. Wow, looking back on that mess, what a lot of alphabet soup I've got there. Bottom line, while I am very experienced as a guide dog handler and am very familiar with the various guide dog schools in the US as well as service dog law and some service dog training establishments, I do not know any Borzois working as PTSD dogs or any other kind of Psychiatric Service Dogs. I have also never heard anything about Operation Wolf Hound until recently. I am looking for the experiences of those who own, handel, train or raise Borzois to become service dogs, especially psychiatric service dogs, or for anything that any one has heard about Operation Wolf Hound, good bad, or mixed. Within the guide dog field it is well known that some schools are amazing and some are crap, and that a horrible dog can sometimes come out of a reputable and quality school and that an outstanding dog can come from a poorly designed or implemented program on occasion, but generally reputations are pretty accurate when you start asking around. However, I am finding that because of the low prevalence of PTSD or at least the low prevalence of PTSD diagnosis and the only just emerging field of PTSD dog training, there is no easy way to descern which schools are of quality, responsible, etc.

Nice to meet you all and thank you for your help. Oh, and also, I know a lot about GSDS, German Shepherd Dogs and I love the hearding breeds in general. I do not like or dislike sight hounds, because I really know very very little about them, and have only ever met rescue grey hounds for short periods of time at festivals and carnivals. It wouldn't have been my first thought for a PTSD dog, but on the Operation Wolf Hound website they make a compelling arguement for why this breed possesses the intelligent disobedience to redirect a handler experiencing a break with reality and a keen emotional connection with their handler. They assert that a breed like a GSD would likely be upset by the behavior of someone with PTSD and exaservate the situation while one of the retriever breeds would likely ignore, be frightened of or just not notice a PTSD attack. Any thoughts?
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New to community [Jul. 13th, 2010|10:41 pm]
They've Got Their Eyes On You

[Current Location |In the house]
[mood |relaxedrelaxed]
[music |Soft worship]

Hello! I am new to this community........I own no sighthounds, but my fiance has a Greyhound named Angel....Im really trying to purchase my favorite sighthound, a Borzoi...I am looking for breeders, and have found one I think I am quite happy with, but I want to see more and talk to more people before I just go out and buy the first one I see.....So if anyone can help me that would be wonderful....I am living in Florida and there is a good breeder whom I visited, but I want to look around more you know? This seems like a really nice community, I will be here often!!!
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New member [Jun. 25th, 2010|11:13 am]
They've Got Their Eyes On You

Hi, I just joined the community today. I have two sighthounds who I love dearly - a retired greyhound from Arizona Adopt a Greyhound, Inc. in Phoenix, Gunner and an Italian Greyhound, Icarus. They have completely different personalities and really compliment each other. I haven't had either very long although I've owned sighthounds most of my life.

Kind of large picture under the cut...
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Just wanted to share my birthday girl [Jun. 17th, 2010|08:44 pm]
They've Got Their Eyes On You

Fiona is turning four on June 18th and she has given me four wonderful years.  I will always have a wolfhound in my life.  She is the most loving, sweetest natured dog ever who loves nothing more than to sprawl across my lap or rest her head on my foot when she's relegated to the floor.  Happy birthday sweet girl!
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