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New to community - Sighthounds [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
They've Got Their Eyes On You

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New to community [Jul. 13th, 2010|10:41 pm]
They've Got Their Eyes On You


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Hello! I am new to this community........I own no sighthounds, but my fiance has a Greyhound named Angel....Im really trying to purchase my favorite sighthound, a Borzoi...I am looking for breeders, and have found one I think I am quite happy with, but I want to see more and talk to more people before I just go out and buy the first one I see.....So if anyone can help me that would be wonderful....I am living in Florida and there is a good breeder whom I visited, but I want to look around more you know? This seems like a really nice community, I will be here often!!!

[User Picture]From: clevortrevor
2010-07-14 03:07 am (UTC)
welcome! I strongly recommending checking out www.nbrf.info for a borzoi. Just because it's a rare breed doesn't mean you can't rescue :) Plus, the people involved with the NBRF are just lovely. Carol Backers is a true matchmaker - she's able to place a lot of dogs before they hit the website, so it's good to get on her radar if you're looking.

As for breeders in Florida, I don't know any personally, but Hounds of Laureate has a very good reputation. I think they are in northern Florida. If you haven't yet, check with http://hfbc.homestead.com for reputable breeders. I do hope you'll end up with a rescue, but when I was looking for a borzoi, I was really glad to have met several breeders in my area (Atlanta) - I really learned a lot from them, and everyone was so so nice.

Um... I do have to warn you though... the shedding is out of control. I wouldn't trade my dog for the world now that I have him, but I had no idea how bad it would be (and I grew up with Samoyeds!). I've had to completely change the way I dress and decorate, and I sweep up the tumbleweeds of hair several times a day. I should vacuum every day, but I'm too lazy. If I'd had a crystal ball and seen how I'd be living, I might have chosen a saluki instead. But I do love my borzoi :)
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[User Picture]From: hieronymosmount
2010-07-14 11:19 am (UTC)


Yes I would be interested in rescue as well........I have just always liked to raise puppies, but I was highly thinking about rescuing a Borzoi yes....Hounds of Laureate was the breeder I actually went to see....She was very nice, and her dogs were stunning...."Fox" is her male, and he was a beautiful dog, infact I emailed her yesterday about upcoming litters....I believe she has one planned for fall, but she has not gotten back with me yet....So they shed alot do they? I heard this, and Im prepared for that, but I really want to know can a Borzoi be comforatble in Florida? Or would it be fair? It gets too hot here, I cant even stand it here! Im moving out of the state soon hopefully because of the heat....But I see people around here with Huskies and Malamutes, so I guess a Borzoi would be ok......So they shed all year then? How often should you bathe and brush them? And what is their energy leval like? I like the fact that they are calm in the house, but if I take him outside, I want to be able to jog with him, and let him have the opportunity to run free, possibly lure coursing..Well Im rambling a bit, but thank you for your comment, it helped alot.....Thank you!!
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[User Picture]From: clevortrevor
2010-07-14 12:14 pm (UTC)

Re: Borzois

My dog, Vladimir, does not do very well in the heat. We're in a condo, so he's never outside without us, but his favorite thing is to lay in the sun. He'll spend maybe 20-30 minutes and then he's ready to go inside. I have a horse boarded outside the city, and we tried to take him there a few weeks ago when we were planning to spend the whole day, but he overheated quickly - it got kind of scary. Fortunately, there's a kiddie pool set up out there for the resident dogs, and he had the sense to go lay in it for a while to cool off. Now we only take him for short trips. This has been an unusually hot summer though, and he's getting older. We used to take him hiking with us a lot in the summers - as long as there was some water and shade, he was ok. I wouldn't worry about having a borzoi in Florida, as long as you don't expect him to stay outside for long periods of time.

I bathe him every 3-4 weeks. After about 2 weeks his coat starts to feel ready for a bath, but I do try to stretch it out. Bathing such a large dog is a production. He's good, but there's just so much of him to bathe! I go through periods of grooming every day, but usually it's more like a couple of times a week. Get a Coat King - it will save you!!! And Silicone grooming spray is a must-have. I like The Stuff for Dogs. The shedding is year round, and the hair is very different from other dogs - there's not much undercoat to speak of, so instead of pulling out hunks of fur twice a year like you would with a husky, you get individual hairs falling out constantly at an alarming rate. It's hard to describe - it's just different!

Here are my two go-to sites for grooming (I want my dog to look good!):

We got Vladimir when he was 5. Energy level is low in the house, and short bursts of energy outside. I've heard you're not supposed to jog with them regularly because they're built for walking or galloping - not trotting. So long walks or running alongside a bicycle is preferred. I don't know if that's true though. Vladimir likes going for walks, and he loves going for a very fast quick run. Then he's done for the day. The rest of the time, he really doesn't do anything. He rarely plays, and if he does it's for a few seconds and then the game is done. He likes to chase other dogs, but doesn't understand how most other dogs like to play, so he usually stands around awkwardly at the dog park. Typical sighthound - if your fiance has a greyhound, then you know what to expect :)

Oh, here's something to think about: We got our dog because his owner was trying to sell him (contract stipulated that he go back to the breeder). Breeder found out, and asked the rescue to help him place the dog once he got him back. So, even though we got a rescue, we were able to get to know the breeder, and found out some of our dog's background. He had a successful show record as a young dog, and the breeder's comment was that he could easily get his championship, but he had a narrow front. He said most likely, Vladimir had not gotten much exercise in his first 3-4 years, so he didn't develop like he should. He said young borzoi really need to be outside running around ALOT.

Anyway, go talk to more breeders - they'll know way more than I do. These are just my personal experiences over the past four years of owning Vladimir, and a few things I'd been told.
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[User Picture]From: hieronymosmount
2010-07-14 08:00 pm (UTC)

Re: Borzois

Wow! Thank you so much! This is an amazing amount of information! See the temperment of Vladimir is perfect, I like that....But Im sure every Borzoi is different..And yes, sighthounds tend to be so akward around other dogs, it's so funny! I thought they would want to run play and romp with the other dogs, but no, they are very shy....Well whatever I decide to do, I will make definate that I do my research, I don't want to get any dog without knowing everything about him....But yes Florida is so HOT I was so concerned with the Borzoi overheating, I would probably take him out early in the morning, and late at night for romps around, because it gets brutal here, or I think it is! The Greyhound can't take extreme heat bursts or cold bursts, and overheating is always looming around...So I am very cautious about taking any dog outside too much....Anyway, thank you so much for your tips, much needed!
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