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They've Got Their Eyes On You

They've Got Their Eyes On You
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This lj community is devoted to the entire group of sighthounds!

Posts, although not moderated before submission, are read on a regular basis. Any posts that are offensive and/or not adhering to the main topic(s) will be removed. Images of sighthounds are most welcome, but in respect for your fellow posters, please lj-cut it if the width and length are larger than the post-table, and/or if the image size is larger than 150KB.

Discussion of dogs in general is allowed, but please try to focus on the sighthounds. There are general dog communities, and you can find those at dog_show, dog_lovers and thedogcommunity.

Reputable breeders are highly encouraged to post their information, or email it to the address listed on this page. If you would like to be listed on our breeder's list page and are certified by the proper organizations (Afghan Hound Club of America, Saluki Club of America, etc), please let me know.

I highly encourage all of you who are curious about sighthounds in general to read this website. It has plenty of information pertaining to the different breeds, with pictures included.